Standard SSL Certficate
  • Standard SSL includes Domain Validation, the most basic level of authentication
  • Identity of the applicant is validated by proving some control over the DNS domain
  • Single server security with a single name; 2048-bit SSL with TLS encryption
  • Certificate issued within 5 minutes, compatible with all major browsers
  • Visual cues include the HTTPS prefix and padlock icon in the browser address bar
  • Includes 30-day satisfaction guarantee, unlimited reissues and secure site seal

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Premium SSL Certificate
  • Premium SSL includes Extended Validation, the highest level of authentication
  • Verification process includes human interaction to confirm applicant is authorized
  • Extended Validation eliminates fraudulent or phishing-related website attacks
  • Single server security with a single name; 2048-bit SSL with TLS encryption
  • Premium certificates show the user more visual cues in the browser address bar
  • Visual cues include green in the address bar, company name in the address bar