Safe, Productive Web Use Starts with RJO
  • Delivers comprehensive web security, web filtering and bandwidth monitoring
  • Keep your end-users protected by securing against websites pushing malware
  • Also, secure against phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam
  • Reduce non-work related browsing such as social networking, auctions and games
  • Protect your business from legal liability and reduce the risk of a security breach
  • Configured for you by RJO experts, runs in autopilot mode for no-hassle protection

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Control Employee Web Browser Usage
  • Help employees stay productive with common-sense web browsing policies
  • Apply and enforce web filtering policies across a range of website categories
  • Block your employees from visiting suspected and confirmed unsafe sites
  • Apply a schedule so employees can access blocked sites during out of office hours
  • Apply a bandwidth check and be alerted when there’s excessive bandwidth activity
  • Reporting tools to analyze browsing activity, reveal trends, spikes and irregularities