Better WiFi Performance Powered by Cisco
  • Next-generation Wave 2 WiFi access points for an increasingly wireless future
  • MU-MIMO allows an access point to transmit to multiple clients at the same time
  • Flexible Radio Assignment self-optimizes during unpredicted times of high density
  • High Density Experience (HDX) automatically manages and improves performance
  • Outdoor access points deliver connectivity even in rugged or hazardous locations
  • Design and installation by RJO experts and support via RJOCares for NETWORKS

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Expand Your Coverage with WiFi Roaming
  • Build a WiFi network that delivers uninterrupted coverage for roaming devices
  • Enjoy the convenience of WiFi mobility while wandering around the office
  • End-users will have a seamless roaming experience as they move from AP to AP
  • Compared to cellular, WiFi roaming is fast, reliable, secure and less expensive
  • Cisco Aironet fully supports WiFi roaming autonomously or via WLAN controller
  • Had enough of your woeful wireless? Hire RJO to deploy Cisco Aironet WiFi