Harness The Cloud, Keep Control of Your Data
  • Efficient servers that are are less expensive, more accessible and easier to manage
  • Cloud Station can sync your files to PCs, servers and even your mobile devices
  • Files or folders stored on your NAS can be shared with anyone, quickly and easily
  • Sync and share files among your NAS and public cloud services such as Dropbox
  • Easily import data that is stored with a cloud storage provider to your new NAS
  • Design and installation by RJO experts and support via RJOCares for NETWORKS

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PC File Server Replacement
  • NAS is a viable alternative for small business looking to replace their legacy server
  • Lower CAPEX, lower power usage, lower maintenance costs, FREE OS licensing
  • Advanced security with Intrusion Detection, Security Advisor, Windows ACL
  • Easier administration with the embedded DiskStation Manager operating system
  • Scaling up with more storage is as easy as plugging in a new drive to an empty bay
  • RAID and clustering capability allows for redundancy in the event of a NAS failure